Searching for a niche in business concept images

Hi! After the anaylsis of my bestselling stock image so far I’d like to share my thoughts about another good (IMHO) stock image that is still not selling as much as originally expected ;).

It’s a business concept image that I titled “Business success concept – wealthy“. Actually the business and finance image collections are among the most populated niches in micro-stock photography. There are various reasons for that and I guess the main is that business is something that’s always trendy and newsworthy, and thus the constant demand for appropraite visual illustration of various business concepts. The conceptual value of this type of images is quite high, and sometimes they are even  funny :).

Now back on my image, here it is:

 Business success concept image

Business success concept - wealthy

The idea seems to be quite clear ( at least to me 🙂 which unfortunately is not enough ) – it illustrates the concept of a wealthy man or high-value business. I tried to think for a smaller niche that is still not that occupied and evenutally lacks the typical smiling people shaking hands and growth charts 😉

However, for almost an year it has generated less than twenty sales in total, across all agencies where I upload. Why is this so? This is the hard part… as we naturally tend to like what we’ve done so much. Anyway, let’s try to analyse a little bit:

  • The framing is probably not the best pissible fit – it looks like there is too much white space at the top of the image, which actually is not intentionally left blank as copy space, and seems a little bit useless. I’d cropp it a little bit more at the top if I were to upload it now.
  • The money amount in the meter may seem too binding – it’s nice to have something particular in this area to help illustrating the concept more clearly, but on the other hand the chnace it will the fit the exact idea of the customer is low. For example if they want to put a particular word, or another amount, or another currency there. I currently think it’s a good idea to either leave this field blank or create multiple versions with predefined content. What do you think?
  • The are some artifacts such as the dark-blue linear area at the top of the weighing machine – it’s actually a natural effect as the material it’s made of is some good quality glass. But it still may look a little bit strange if you can’t easily percieve that this is a glass.

Probably there are some more reasons, though I still think it’s a good stock :-), and it’s keywording is also appropriate.

But what do you think? I’d be happy to hear that! Is this a good stock according to you? Would you buy it for a project? If you were to shoot it what would you change?


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2 responses to “Searching for a niche in business concept images”

  1. Diana Kadreva says :

    I did a small remake of this shot –
    It’s still not “breaking the records” but started to generate some downloads and revenus 🙂
    I’ll try to kee you updated how it’s going.

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